Solar Energy Financial Incentives For New Construction

Each year technology advances solar power systems, making them an attractive and understandable choice for the consumer. New home and commercial construction projects can benefit from many programs offered through local, state, and government incentive programs that assist in the initial cost of a solar powered system. Facts are, the savings over the years will have you wanting to install solar power in your next construction project.

The cells in a photo-voltaic unit have the ability of capturing more solar energy than ever before, and transfer that energy into efficient, usable consumer energy. While many solar power systems can be costly, there are options that allow consumers the ease and affordability to live off the grid.

Integrated solar-powered options in Washington are making sense to consumers, whether the choice is for residential solar energy in Yakima, commercial solar energy in Yakima, or any Washington state solar energy project. Hiring a Yakima solar energy contractor may be a consideration if you are constructing a new central Washington solar energy building.

Get Your Energy Independence

Washington state solar energy grants are available for commercial and residential customers. Most states currently do offer incentives, rebates, or tax credits for solar powered projects. Many times, these financial savings programs come and go, and the government can discontinue them with no warning, so you will want to take advantage of current programs.

With the availability of solar energy systems, consumers can realize the savings immediately. In Central Washington, owner of a grid-tied solar energy system will get one time 30 percent federal tax credit, and up to $5000 cash back each year, until year 2020, as energy production incentive, as well as net metering benefit (excess solar energy not used by consumer, sent back to grid as a credit, and can be redeemed at later time). The commercial installation qualify additional tax benefit called MACRS or accelerated depreciation, that can bring ROI less than 5 years, although the MACRS benefit expire at the end of 2012.

Replacing your traditional heat and air system with residential or commercial solar energy in Yakima will also add value to your home, increasing it’s resale value should you decide to sell. This can give you a competitive advantage over someone selling a home without solar energy.

Consumers should not wait on science to develop a perfect solution for our environment. Cleaning the environment is a job everyone should undertake, realizing that with each solar energy source that is built, that means one less is created by environment-damaging coal generation

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