Residential Solar Power

Washington State Residential Solar Power SystemsWashington State residential solar power systems, including those installed in Bellevue and Yakima are now eligible for 100% Sales Tax Exemption system from 1kW to 100kW under new 100% Clean Electricity Law.



Earn 30% federal tax credit based on the total cost of your residential solar power system!

30% federal tax credit will step down to 26% in 2020,  22% in 2021 and after 2021 there will be no federal tax credit for any residential system.

Please feel free to contact Solora Solar directly. We are here for you and can help answer any questions you have regarding the details of Washington State rebates and incentives, including Bellevue and Yakima areas, for residential solar power systems.

Solar power system installations at your residence in Washington State, are tax-exempt with regard to the property taxes on your home. While owning a PV system does increase your overall property value at the time of sale, it will not increase your current property taxes.

You can learn more about the benefits of residential solar-powered systems in Washington State, or browse the following information that follows regarding our installations.

Solora Solar’s residential solar power system special:

  • 25 years of Performance Warranty
  • 10 years of product and workmanship warranty
  • Free 24 hour Monitoring For Life

Tax Credit Qualifying Washington-Made Equipment

Yakima and Washington State Solar Power System Installation Process:

Step 1 – Free Solar Consultation

Solora Solar will visit your home to conduct a free site evaluation, assessing available space, analyzing energy usage, and using that information for the creation of a custom proposal for your solar power system installation.

Step 2 – Proposal and Options for Financing

After carefully considering the findings of our consultative visit, specifically the available space and energy usage information, we will deliver a custom proposal for your residential system that will be focused on maximizing value. Included in the proposal will be determinations for cost of the system, how it can be paid for, and finally, what an expected return on investment could be.

Step 3 – System Design and Permits

Yakima and Washington State Residential Solar Power System Design

Operating as a turn-key solar power company in Washington State, Solora Solar will take care of all aspects of your residential system. All system designs will be prepared in compliance with the National Electric Code, as well as meeting and abiding by any regulations or local rules. Once the system design has been reviewed, modified and approved, an Energy Project Manager will take over your project, and all construction permits and any renewable equipment will be obtained and ordered.

Residential Solar Energy System Design & Shading Analysis Sample

Step 4 – System Installation

 in Yakima and Washington State

Once all of the appropriate parts and solar panels arrive at your residence, our experts will being the installation of your custom photovoltaic solar system. Our trained crews perform the work with both respect and courtesy, arriving on-site each day, and leaving a clean site in the evening. Typically, a residential installation can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days total, depending on factors like size or complexity.

A typical residential installation will take 3-5 days depending on size and complexity.

A typical residential system is made up of solar power panels, mounted on a racking system that is then attached to the roof. However, depending on the site evaluation, we can build custom structures, like a Pergola, to increase efficiency of the solar installation.

Step 5 – Overall System Maintenance and Your Warranty

Yakima and Washington State Solar Power System Warranty and Maintenance

Regardless of where you’re located in Washington State, once we’ve completed your residential installation, we will provide you with your ‘Warranty Package’. This package is made up of any system drawings, relevant warranty information, any self-service or self-maintenance information and instructions, specifications for the products used in your system, and lastly, the inspection instructions you’ll need for your solar system to ensure optimal energy generation.

Once we’ve finished the install, you won’t be left alone. Solora Solar is available 24/7 for the ongoing support of your systems operation, to answer any post-installations questions and concerns, as well as help you to analyze your solar power system’s output and performance for the duration of its warranty period.