About Solora Solar

Located in Washington State and locally-owned, Solora Solar LLC was formed by a thought-leader with experience in the renewable energy industry. We operate in two key areas of Washington: the Western region, which is mostly comprised of Seattle and the greater surrounding area (King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties), and the Central region (includes Yakima, Kittitas, Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla Counties). Our specialty is solar electric power systems, both turnkey and grid-connected, covering the spectrum of residential, public-sector, and commercial installations.

Our reliability and our dedication to the solar industry gives us the required experience, knowledge and tools to analyze and calculate production and output of solar power systems, as well financial benefits and payback.

We are committed to educating you on all things solar, including how solar can work as an energy source to discovering any environmental or financial benefits. We involved in all aspects of the industry including system integrators, manufacturers, real estate developers, architects, and building contractors that are all focused on providing you a customized, high-performance solar energy system that will meet your specific power and site needs. We strive to develop only the best solar electric system solution for your application.

Solora is committed to providing you an excellent level of service during installation, as well as before and after the process, by providing attention to details and through monitoring the performance of your solar electric system after it has been brought on-line.

Our passion for the use of solar energy shows through in all we do. It fuels our belief that the ongoing use of solar energy is not only essential, but vital, to the health of the planet and improving it. It also drives our belief that equipping business owners and homeowners with knowledge to make wise and informed choices when it comes to solar energy, and the decision-making process is the right thing for us to do.

By applying a rigorous process of evaluation, we ensure and stand by the fact that your new solar electric system can meet the highest reliability and quality standards. A 25-year manufacturer warranty on solar modules is included with all solar electric systems.

Financing information:

By partnering with a Commercial Bank, Solora Solar will be able to provide residential customer with many easy and flexible financing options.

• Projects can be started without equity or an appraisal
• Loans on solar equipment up to $50,000 with no requirement of equity
• Rapid pre-qualifications as well as final approval
• Quick pre-qualification and final approvals
• Available and easy to use online application
• Account Executives dedicated to servicing our clients
• Generous funding on the front-end of the project
• Fixed interest rates
• Flexible terms ranging to 20 years with no penalties for pre-payment
• We recommend consulting with your tax advisor to explore tax-deductible interest possibilities

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