Choosing the Right Solar Setup

Deciding on the best solar setup for your solar installation might seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry — Solora Solar is not just a solar contractor and installer. Solora Solar is your expert guide, following industry best practices and customizing each install for the unique circumstances of each residence or commercial property. With more than 10 years of experience installing solar energy systems in homes throughout Washington state, Solora is more than equipped to answer your questions and design an optimized solution.

Having said that, we know many homeowners wish to educate themselves on all the nuances of residential solar setups — especially because going solar can be one of the biggest investments you make in your home. So, with a goal of providing a bigger picture and defining some important terms, we hope to present here a quick look at different kinds of residential solar setups.

Types of Solar Electrical Systems

How the energy generated by solar panels is stored and used is one of the first ways we distinguish between different solar setups. Here are some of the most commonly discussed options:

  • Grid-Tied System The most common type of solar installation, grid-tied systems send any excess energy to the local electrical grid and pull electricity from the grid when a shortfall exists.
  • Grid-Tied System With Battery Backup A new advancement in grid-tied technology is to include a battery backup, allowing you to have power in the event of an outage, any time of day.
  • Off-Grid System Not common except in remote dwellings, off-grid systems are designed to provide power to a structure not served by an electric utility and may include a battery backup in some cases.

Solar Panel Location Options

Where the panels are located will depend primarily on the surface area and pitch of your home’s roof, your property’s landscape and other factors.

  • Roof-Mounted Panels The simplest, cheapest and most common method for going solar is a roof-mounted install.
  • Ground-Mounted Panels In certain situations, a ground-mounted installation is a preferable and high-performance option.