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Compare your purchasing options to maximize your solar savings

When going solar, most of our customer prefer to pay cash outright for maximum long-term saving, however financing solar also a good option specially with “0” down option, we offer to all our customers.

The example below illustrates what your basic savings might look like before applying any federal, state, or local incentives, depending on how you decide to finance your solar panel system.

In this example, we have assumed a monthly electric bill of $100, and an annual electricity rate increase of 3%-5%. The net installation cost equals the total cost of going solar minus the 26% federal tax credit for solar.

Keep in mind that under the assumptions above you would expect to pay your utility approximately $25,000 for your electricity over the next 20 years. This $25,000 is the “cost” of not going solar.

Our Solar Proposal has twenty-five years cash flow analysis for a more accurate estimate of the savings you can see by going solar as illustrated below. Our Solar Calculator analyzes your roof, real-time cost data, and applicable incentives to provide you with a tailored estimate of how much solar can save you. Below is the example of 20kW system’s 25 years cash flow analysis.

With the federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar, you significantly reduce the payback period. In Washington State, there is no sales tax on any solar equipment and installation including battery storage, which is also qualify for ITC.


Commercial system has some additional incentives such as MACRS incentive, also knows as accelerated depreciation, which can be almost 25% of the system cost, which means over 50% of the commercial system cost can be used as tax credit. These additional tax credit can reduce the payback time to under 5 years.

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