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  • B. Wong

    Thank you Solora for being VERY easy to work with! We went back and forth with questions, and messaging and finally decided to give it a GO! they were very communicative when products would arrive, and even helped unpack panels in the rain when I was unable to leave them out front of my home due to HOA rules. I would absolutely recommend Solora team to install for anyone. They were professional and quick!

  • Brian H.

    Solora Solar did the most complete analysis of all four bids I have and were also the most professional. Thanks for your professionalism. You're going to do well as this is about to catch fire for you and your business.

  • Stewart G.

    Syed takes care of all the details of the purchase and installation. The only thing left for me to do was write the checks.

  • Jarek S.

    Excellent experience.

  • Reinyn B.

    Everything went exactly according to Solora's prediction and timeline. Our system has been running for over a year and generated the maximum $5000 incentive from the state. I would highly recommend Solora Solar to anyone interested in a PV system.

  • Isaac S.

    I Purchased a 12kW system in Eastern Washington. It has been up and running for about 3 weeks now. I am very happy with the experience I had with Solora Solar. My questions were always answered quickly, I had a preexisting issue with my main breaker which was resolved at no cost to me, the installation was done quickly and professionally. Actual solar installation took 2-3 days, had to wait on inspectors and power company etc. The cost of the system is easily justified based on the incentives and current production in March. Very competitive with other quotes I got. I have recommended this company to my own parents.

  • Valerie S.

    Syed at Solora Solar is top of the line in professionalism, customer service and insuring all details are taken care of. I highly recommend Solora Solar to anyone who is considering solar panels. Syed provided a very professional proposal with options which included the details regarding federal tax credits, maximizing incentives, as well as sizing advantages. Once I had identified which system was the best fit for me, Syed took care of every detail. The system is performing above the initial projections. I couldn't be happier with the system. Thank you, Solora Solar!!!

  • Mike & Connie

    Thank you so much for visiting our home, taking measurements, listening to our wants, and preparing a comprehensive bid. You are the first person we have run into who was able to give us so much information about solar energy, and we have been interested in it for a long time.

  • John R.

    The difference between Solora and others was so marked that we had decided they would probably get the job before even receiving their bid. It also turned out to be the best price and best customized to our needs. The work was completed and the system operating a little over three weeks from accepting the bid — less than some wanted just to order equipment.

  • Ron E.

    "6kW PV with LG chem (Lithium) battery back up" We are very happy with Solara Solar’s design and installation. They handled all the permitting, coordinating with PSE and managing arrival of all the materials. They did an awesome job making it a smooth installation. The installation crew installed everything in in two partial days. They did a great job with no issues. We definitely recommend Solara Solar.

  • K. Barnes

    Well executed rooftop solar panel installation, Some notes to people considering an install. 1. Solar panels make great snow slides and it can come off in bug chunks. We have a short flat extension over the front door and window with a walk in front, last winter that area (despite shoveling off the flat part) came loose all at once and the walk was buried under 1 1/2 ft of snowy slush. Fortunately no one was underneath it, but something to be aware of and plan for. 2. Understand how the rebates work in your State and what the tax liabilities are on rebates or payments. We have a 28 panel install and produced more than 2,000 kwHr over our usage the first year.

  • Shane W.

    Solora solar & team was very helpful and informative before, throughout and after the installation was complete. He explained everything throughly and answered any questions we had. He and the installation crew was very professional. I would recommend Solora Solar to anyone looking to install a residential or commercial system

  • Raj G.

    In March 2016, we installed a solar system on our residence in Richland, WA. After careful research and communicating with a few installers, we chose Solora Solar of Yakima. They were absolutely professional throughout the process of providing information, answering questions, helping with the selection of our system, handling the permit process, the installation, and subsequent followups. Unlike a couple of other vendors who were more interested in completing a sale as quickly as possible, (and in at least one case even provided incorrect information with additional (unnecessary) equipment), Mr. M****** was completely upfront and very clear about what his company was selling and the process that was involved. In the end, it was professionalism, sincerity, and top-class service that won Solora Solar our business. Sincere thanks to Mr. M****** and his staff for helping us with our system. Despite the unforeseen harsh winter of 2016 in ********, our system ended up working even better than Solora's previous estimates and we were able to reach our full incentive well before the June 30'th deadline for the previous year. Without any hesitation, we would recommend Solora Solar's services to anyone in the market for a residential (or commercial) solar system. They really know this business.

  • Dennis D.

    Solora Solar installed my system in middle of June, 2013. Last June 30th reading was 410. This June 30th reading was 10,706.

  • Bruce S.

    Very helpful, explained in detail how Solar Energy works and what kind of additional incentives are available for commercial project like ours. We are very pleased with our system and the work Solora Solar has done.

  • Eric M.

    Solora Solar did a great job answering all of our questions and keeping us informed through out the process. The crew that did the work was excellent. Solora handles everything including the permitting process. What we were quoted is what we paid. There were no surprises and we are now in production generating 100% of our electric load from the sun. When finished we were given a notebook with all the pertinent information and warranty scoop. We still have a few outstanding items to receive for this notebook. The 30% Federal Government rebate that ends this year will also be great.

  • Sid K.

    We are very pleased with our system, Solora Solar did a great job keeping us informed during the whole process. System is working flawlessly, we can monitor our system performance via Web monitoring system. It's a great tool to see how the system is performing, especially in Winter.

  • Jesse C.

    Interviewed three different installers. Solora Solar was clearly the most knowledgeable and experienced. Answered all questions, confirming what we already knew. Excellent communication throughout the process. Installation was without hitches. Finished before deadline. Highly recommend.

  • Bonnie S.

    We are very satisfied with service provided by Solora Solar and will definitely recomend them. They are very knowledgeable and didn’t pressure us at all.

  • David G.

    Solora Solar was an excellent company to work with. They provided a very detailed report for us, itemizing our costs, the financial benefits, the energy savings, as well as a shading analysis. Project was completed in the time frame initially described. There were no unexpected expenses.

  • J. Haler

    "Calculations and Service - Spot On!" Solora Solar was our choice out of 4 bids we received for our 40 panel solar system. Before installation Syed answered all of our questions accurately and honestly. During installation they were able to trouble - shoot every issue, from delivery issues and manufacturing shortages to utility and inspector delays. The system was installed on schedule and is performing slightly better than Solora Solar's predictions indicated it would. I wish every company we had ever worked with had been as good a decision as our decision to hire Solora Solar.

  • Hank S.

    We have three installations, total of 200kW, and each one has preformed as anticipated. At our business we are experiencing significant savings on our power bill and the install was done very professionally. I have two other installations one at my home and one on a commercial building and both are preforming extremely well as expected. Thank you Solora Solar.

  • Sam J.

    I am so grateful that I had Solora Solar to install my system. They have been in this field for over 15 years so they are very knowledgeable about the services. Solora Solar takes care of everything! I don’t have to do anything and I completely relied on them to make sure everything got done and to my liking. Very supportive and explained everything to me every step of the way! I’m so glad I went solar! Thank you Solora Solar!

  • J. Cone

    One of the best investments we have made. Significantly reduced energy costs and have received greater than anticipated rebates. System has exceeded production expectations by appx. 11% over the past two years. Installation was timely and professional. Has had regular follow up at no extra cost and no prompting. Highly recommend.

  • John & Corinne

    An extremely honest, professional and customer service oriented company. And all those extra little things you do add up to a huge difference.

  • Susan G.

    Very good from start to finish. I would highly recommend Solora Solar.