Grid-Tied Solar System

The grid-tied solar energy system is definitely the most popular of all the options. This is what 98 percent of our customers choose. And with all the incentives that Washington state offers, it’s no surprise. Not only do you save on energy costs by 70 to 80 percent, you’re able to pay yourself back within 4-5 years by taking advantage of all the federal and state incentives available.

The system lasts for 25-40 years and, since there’s no moving parts, it never needs maintenance.

So how does the system work with the utility company?

Any energy that isn’t used by your household/business gets sent to the grid and is immediately used. Your bi-directional net meter shows how much credit you have available and how much you have consumed from the utility company.

The utility company monitors how much you have shared and gives you a credit for that amount each month. Usually it’s in terms of a dollar amount. For example, you might get your utility bill and see the amount owed is $-9.00. If you happened to use energy from the grid the next month, you could use that credit.

That credit is available for you to use all year until April 30. On that date, your account goes to zero. Unfortunately, the credits do not roll over.

So will you be producing energy that you’ll lose every spring?

No. We take all your household’s energy usage factors into mind when optimizing your system so that it is designed for efficiency. It should not over-produce large amounts of energy credits that you will not be able to redeem.

If you’re planning to increase your energy usage in the future (like adding a pool, for example) we oversize the system to accommodate that. If you know that you’ll be using less energy in the future, we can undersize the system as well.