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Whether you are looking into solar power for your residence or your commercial business, Solora Solar, your local Yakima solar contractor, should be your first stop. As a solar provider, Solora Solar knows everything you need to know about solar power. We can provide information on everything from how solar power works to the financial benefits of installing solar power systems in your home and business. When considering the benefits of solar, it is important to consider the tax benefits you can reap from having residential or commercial solar.

Washington State has numerous tax incentives for you, the consumer. When purchasing a residential solar power system, you become eligible for an energy production rebate of up to $5,000. The actual amount of the rebate is dependent upon the specifics of the solar design system purchased. Also, residential solar power systems are property tax exempt–meaning you will reap the benefits of adding the solar system when selling your home but will not be penalized in higher property taxes. In addition to the WA state solar incentives, the federal government offers the opportunity to earn a 30% federal tax credit based on the system purchased.

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Many commercial businesses also utilize solar power systems. Yakima solar provider can help you become a good environmental steward. Like residential solar customers, Washington State also provides tax incentives for corporate citizens. Corporations should take full advantage of the solar energy production rebate that can put up to $5,000 back in your corporation’s bank account. Corporate consumers are also eligible for sales tax exemptions of anywhere from 75% to 100%. The federal government offers additional tax benefits for corporations installing a solar power system. They allow for a 30% tax credit or a cash grant. With these helpful tax incentives, corporate positive cash flow can be realized as quickly as the first year.

In a time of rising electrical costs and environmental concern, take control. Contact Yakima, your central WA solar provider, and take advantage of all the available tax incentives.

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