Out of 6 companies and bids Solora stood head and shoulders above the rest. Their BBB rating is also the highest possible. Solora was most professional and knowledgeable by far. (2 of the other companies were notably unprofessional – one even refusing to give their bid in writing – the other calling with a whining sob story after being eliminated.) At no point did Solora criticize or adversely comment on any of their competition – even when asked (a couple of other companies did). Solora was also the most honest and while absolutely not skimping on equipment or quality, did not try to push their own agenda or any unnecessary equipment in any way. They did not try to influence us with irrelevant “free gift” offers like some. (One tried to offer a “free” cruise which would eventually of course have cost several times what it’s supposed value was.) Everything down to explanation and samples of tax forms, etc. were clear and detailed. Their proposal bid was by far the most thorough (and 12 pages long). Solora’s energy efficiency and return on investment calculations and estimates were thorough, detailed and a little more conservative than any of the others (a couple of which were a little too optimistic). (The system is exceeding the estimates.) It was the only one that listed make and model of every piece of equipment. Being an Engineer by profession I asked some difficult questions – they answered immediately and backed up with datasheets and worksheets. Even one of the inspectors commented on their technical knowledge and expertise. The difference between Solora and others was so marked that we had decided they would probably get the job before even receiving their bid. It also turned out to be the best price and best customized to our needs. The work was completed and the system operating a little over three weeks from accepting the bid – less than some wanted just to order equipment. Solar handled everything including permits and inspections and all necessary paperwork prepared and submitted for us, we did not have to lift a finger. They gave us hands on user training and a comprehensive customized owners manual that included all equipment documents, pre-filed warranties and samples of tax and WA State incentive forms already filled out for us. The work was done in two days and was excellent quality. We are extremely pleased with the system, which has exceeded our expectations and performed flawlessly. We would absolutely recommend Solora Solar to anyone considering a solar electric system.

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