Temperature Effects on Seattle Solar Energy Systems

The temperature of solar modules can be a very important factor affecting the electrical output produced by your solar panels. It’s funny, but the more sun we get in Seattle, the hotter the modules get which counteracts any benefit the sun can give your home.

Although there’s a lot of rain in Seattle, heat from a hot sun may lower your solar output by 10 to 25 percent, varying within that range based on your location. Obviously not every solar module is impacted by heat in the same way, and some cope better with high temperatures than others.

Temperature Coefficiency

On a very warm summer day — where solar modules might reach a temperature of 45˚C or so — the output of electricity would decrease by 10 percent. On the other hand, a sunny day during off-summer times would produce electricity above maximum levels.

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Solar Modules Respond to Seattle Temperatures

The solar module’s temperature on the roof of your Seattle home directly affects efficiencies. When solar panel temperatures increase, production decreases while power usage increases. Thus, the hotter a solar module gets, the less electricity it is able to produce.

Cadmium Telluride solar modules are the best solar panels for handling high temperatures, but they aren’t quite as efficient as other solar panels in turning sunlight into electrical power. Instead, consider more current technologies like the CIGS and 4G solar power technologies.

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