Ground-Mounted Solar System

What if you want to install a solar system but don’t have enough usable area on your roof?

If your roof is steep and doesn’t face south, east or west — or if there is too much shade blocking the sun — we recommend ground-mounted solar panels.

A ground-mounted installation can be more efficient and provide easier maintenance than a roof install. Because air flows more easily beneath the panels and cools them, a ground-mounted installation is about 23 percent more efficient than a roof-mounted install. Maintenance is also easier because, if the need arises to wash the panels, you don’t need to climb the roof to so the job.

If you’re unable to use a roof and you don’t have much ground area, it is possible to add a tracker that follows the sun throughout the day. Single-access tracking monitors the movement of the sun through the seasons and adjusts the panels accordingly. Two-way tracking monitors both the seasonal movements of the sun and the daily movements. It’s working 24 hours a day to soak up the maximum energy possible. With a dual-axis system, it’s possible to get up to 25 percent more efficiency than a regular roof-mount system.

Both of these options increase efficiency that’s not possible with a fixed roof system.

If you don’t happen to have a large back yard, your options are pretty limited. But when you have a lot of ground space, it’s really just a matter of determining which is the best option for your needs. For example, in eastern Washington, about 40 percent of our customers choose the ground mounted option.

Generally speaking, ground-mounted systems cost a bit more than roof-mounted panels. This is simply because we lay a cement foundation to mount the panels. But with the increase of efficiency, the payback on the investment usually follows the same general timeline.

Is a ground mounted solar system the best option for you? Contact us today to have a Solora technician visit your home / business to see what options are best for you!