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Yakima Residential Solar Power

Washington State residential solar power systems, including those installed in and Yakima and surrounding area, are now eligible for 100% Sales Tax Exemption on systems from 1kW to 100kW under new 100% Clean Electricity Law.

Earn 26% federal tax credit based on the total cost of your residential solar power system! 26% federal tax credit will step down to 22% in 2021 and after 2021 there will be no federal tax credit for any residential system.

Earn 26% federal tax credit based on the total cost of your residential solar power system! 26% federal tax credit will step down to 22% in 2021 and after 2021 there will be no federal tax credit for any residential system.

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Solar power system installations at your residence in Washington State, are tax-exempt with regard to the property taxes on your home. While owning a PV system does increase your overall property value at the time of sale, it will not increase your current property taxes.

Solora Solar’s residential solar power system special:

  • 25 years of Performance Warranty
  • 10 years of product and workmanship warranty
  • Free 24 hour Monitoring For Life

To learn more about our solar power system installation process for Yakima and Washington State, please view everything you can expect, step-by-step, in a full service installation.

Benefits of Residential Solar-Powered Systems

In addition to a residential solar power system being an economical and safe investment, Yakima and Washington State homeowners can benefit from installing solar power thanks to:


Washington State Net Energy Metering Law allows PV solar power system owners to bank excess electricity back to the utility company at retail rates, for a credit to the owners’ accounts. When a Yakima or Washington State residential solar power system generates more electricity than is consumed by the home, such as during a sunny afternoon, the extra electricity is sent back the utility grid, and the utility company credits the system. Please contact Solora Solar to learn more about feed in tariffs.


Solora Solar offers several residential and commercial solar power system financing options. Contact Solora Solar to learn more about our exclusive Solar Finance options.


A Yakima or Washington State residential solar power system will increase your home’s property value immediately! According to the Appraisal Institute, for every $1 reduction in annual electric bills due to the installation of a residential solar power system, your home’s value will increase by about $20.

For example, if you spend $26,000 on a solar power system for your home from Solora Solar, after a Washington State solar power rebate and tax credits, this system may save you around $3,000 in first year energy expenses, which equates to an immediate increase of $60,000 in the resale value of your home. That is more than double your initial investment and immediate equity in your home!


A residential solar powered home is easier to market and sells faster. According to the LA Times, there is a bright spot in the current slow residential real estate market: Residential Solar powered homes are outselling homes with traditional electrical systems. Developers recognize the marketability of Yakima and Washington State residential solar powered homes and are increasingly including solar panel systems for homes in their designs.

When it comes time to sell your solar powered home, you will have your significantly reduced or zero cost electric bills to show potential home buyers. Homes with a residential solar power system have significant sales leverage over homes offering only traditional electrical systems for sale in your area because homebuyers love the idea of having lower monthly bills!

Earn 26% federal tax credit based on the total cost of your residential solar power system! 26% federal tax credit will step down to 22% in 2021 and after 2021 there will be no federal tax credit for any residential system.

Commercial Solar Power in Yakima

Solora Solar offers professional excellence in commercial solar systems. Solora Solar offers only the finest high performance commercial grade solar equipment which maximizes your rebate as well as system performance. Let our over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry and our 10 years of experience exclusively in solar electric industry create a system design which maximizes your bottom line for the highest value and performance.

Energy costs are expected to increase dramatically during the next three to five years thanks to infrastructure improvements and recent legislation. Businesses who invest in solar now can lock in energy costs and protect themselves from increases that will likely hit businesses relying on the conventional utility grid.

Tax creditsrebates (production incentives) and the use of accelerated depreciation accounting methods can result in expedited return on investment for your company. The installation of a commercial solar system also allows your company to contribute in a major way toward the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

Our experience in delivering top tier components with unmatched installation quality puts us ahead of the rest when it comes to providing your school, social club, not for profit community organization or business with sustainable cost effective power solutions.

It makes good business sense to invest in a grid-connect solar system to limit your company’s exposure to ever increasing electricity costs. Feel free to call us at (800) 696-8935 or contact us with any questions or to introduce us to your project.

More and more, businesses are establishing goals to reduce their impact on the environment. The installation of a commercial solar energy system to power your business in Bellevue, Yakima or elsewhere in Washington state is one of the single most environmentally significant decisions any company can make — one that also carries the benefit of lower fixed operating costs by saving on future electrical expenses.

You may be able to recover up to 100 percent of the cost of your commercial solar system with some combination of Energy Saving, tax credits or grants, and by depreciating your solar system as a business asset on your federal tax forms.

The benefits of installing a commercial solar power system:

  • The federal government offers you a choice of either a cash grant or a 26* percent tax credit.
  • Companies can use accelerated depreciation to help offset solar costs.
  • Many commercial solar power installations can begin generating a profit within 7 years after the install.

While solar power usage is seeing a boom in business across the world, local acceptance and growth is surging as well. By positioning ourselves among the leading solar contractors in the state, as well as the nation, we’ve been consistently named to an annual list published by a well-recognized source of information in the solar industry. Solora Solar has achieved a top 10 ranking in the State of Washington for 2014 and 2015, and since its founding in 2011 has grown and installed over 2 million watts of solar.

Compiled and published by Solar Power World, the Top 500 Solar Contractors List seeks to identify outstanding solar contractors from the United States and Canada and recognize them for the work they’ve completed. The list also serves as a reminder that these companies have a direct impact on the growth of their local economy, providing new jobs in an exciting industry, as well giving consumers of electricity options and choices regarding delivery of their power.

Solara Solar is a key contributor to a constantly growing and changing market segment that, according to extensive research, will continue to grow year over year. Research indicates that while the production of solar electricity continues to see the majority coming from large or utility-scale plants, the greater number of installations are coming from companies like Solara Solar, bringing clean energy options to the public.

The price of solar energy equipment has been significantly reduced in the last 5 years. With the combination of price reduction, increase in cost of energy and available incentives — it makes much more economical sense to do solar now rather than later, particularly for commercial entities, mainly due to additional tax benefits that business can qualify for.

Solora Solar recently has worked on two significantly important projects for two particular market segments — home builders and the farming community.


New Construction Net-Zero Residential Project for Columbia Ridge Homes in Selah, Wash.

Solora Solar has installed a 6.8kW Solar Energy system using 26 solar modules, this system will generate approximate 10,000kWh/year of energy, system also include 24 hours WEB based free monitoring system. This house has additional following energy efficiency and conservation features:

  • Super Insulated with R40 walls and R60 ceilings
  • Air Sealing Exceeds Code by more than 80%
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling system to Prevent Energy Loss
  • All LED Lighting
  • High Efficiency Water Heating and Appliances

This Solar Energy system will not only provide net-zero energy consumption for this his house but also significantly positive impact on environment by reducing Green House Gas emission 155 tons of CO2 over next 25 years.

Solora Solar is currently offering special “BUILDERS” pricing at significant discount for all Builders/Contractor for similar system. To take advantage of this offer, please contact Solora Solar at 509.388.0239 for details.


112kw installation for Green Acres Farms important in farming community and growing market segment

With Green Acres Farms recently completed 250,000 square-foot facility, made up of hop kilns supporting the hop segment of their business, Solora Solar was able to take advantage of the locations prime Southern exposure and near 9,000 square feet of roof to go solar, and begin reducing their overall energy cost. Solara partnered with Kinter Electric of Sunnyside, WA on the install, combining efforts to deliver an all-new 112kw (DC) system. The new system qualifies for the $5,000 per year Washington State Production Incentive Program, a 30% federal tax incentive, and has been projected to generate approximately 90% of the customers current energy requirements, leading to an estimated $500,000 cost-saving over the next 25 years.

The system covers roughly 9,000 square feet of the total roof area.

Another large benefit of the project is the significant and positive impact it will have on the environment – by going solar, at reduction of at least 2,484 tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions will be recognized over a span of 25 years.

The project was completed with the following hardware:

  • A total of 437 255W Trina Solar Monocrystalline Solar Modules
  • 3 Solectria commercial string inverters
  • Racking systems provided by IronRide
  • Web-based monitoring that keeps watch over solar production, 24 hours per day


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Solora solar & team was very helpful and informative before, throughout and after the installation was complete. He explained everything throughly and answered any questions we had. He and the installation crew was very professional. I would recommend Solora Solar to anyone looking to install a residential or commercial system.

Shane W.

Solora Solar did the most complete analysis of all four bids I have and were also the most professional. Thanks for your professionalism. You’re going to do well as this is about to catch fire for you and your business.

Brian H.

Shane W.

Brian H.

Whether you live in the Proctor District or Hilltop, nearby cities like Puyallup or Federal Way or surrounding areas like Fox Island or Spanaway — Solora Solar can give you a free comprehensive solar assessment to help you determine if solar is a good option for your home or business.

Solora Solar can tie your solar installation into the grid — a popular option that allows you to sell electricity back to utility companies like Puget Sound Energy and Tacoma Public Utilities. Your grid-tied system can incorporate a battery backup, if desired. If you want to go off the grid, off-grid options with battery storage are available as well.


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We are happy to walk you through the choices available to pay for your solar installation. Popular options in Tacoma include folding the price of the installation into refinanced mortgage or taking advantage of a solar loan with our partner Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union.


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