LG Chem Battery Vs. Tesla Powerwall

There’s no shame in referring to solar power as “Source of unlimited energy”. Solar power provides clean energy for the masses as the sun delivers more than enough energy to power up everything on our planet. There’s no better time than now to invest in solar power for your personal households. There are multiple benefits of investing in solar power. When you invest in solar power, you’re effectively helping in saving the atmosphere of our planet earth. Plus, in the long term, investing in solar power can save you a lot of money. The photovoltaic process that transforms sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel for its functionality. There’s no harmful emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when electricity is produced from solar panels. Moreover, the electrical energy produced by solar panels is renewable because the only thing needed is sunlight, which is available in a surplus amount throughout a sunny day.

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Battery Backup Solar Systems:

Before we go on to compare LG Chem batteries and Tesla Powerwall, it’s important to understand what exactly these are and why they are even used in the first place. A Battery Backup-grid tied solar system stores the extra electrical power which is not being used by your appliances into battery banks. And these battery banks, you guessed it right, are LG Chem batteries and Tesla Powerwall.

When your solar panels aren’t generating electrical energy (during cloudy days or nighttime), the energy stored in battery banks of your Battery Backup solar system is used to power your appliances. Battery Backup solar systems are more expensive than other solar system solutions because you have to invest in batteries and inverters. However, the cost of these batteries is coming down at a rapid pace, making Battery Backup solar systems more popular and accessible to the masses.

Now, as you’ve got a clear understanding of Battery Backup solar systems and the role of these batteries in them, let’s move on to compare LG Chem batteries and Tesla Powerwall.

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Battery capacities:

The capacity of your solar system’s battery could be a major deciding factor for you. Everyone has unique requirements, that’s why it’s important to choose the right battery with the right battery capacity for your specific requirements.

The capacity of a Tesla Powerwall 2.0 is 13.5 kWh. It’s the highest solar battery capacity available on the market. If it’s still not enough for your requirements, you can stack up to 10 Powerwall batteries together to get even more power storage capacity.

On the other hand, LG Chem Resu batteries come in 5 different storage capacities. These capacities range from 2.9 kWh to 9.8 kWh. These batteries are ideal for smaller and larger Battery Backup solar systems because of their wide storage capacity range. They are also ideal for your unique-sized power storage needs because of the capacity variety available in them.

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Tesla powerwall are higher in cost specially if you add other equipment that you need to connect with your PV system with Tesla powerwall to use as a backup option.

LG Chem batteries are more economical and doesn’t require additional equipment since these are designed as DC couple system and control (Battery Management System) via inverter i.e. SolarEdge inverter and very easy to install, hence less labor cost.


If the storage technology of your solar system concerns you, let’s inform you both of these batteries use lithium-ion technology. Hence, no difference in this sector.

Uninterruptible power supply:

One of the benefits a Battery Backup system is that it offers an uninterruptible power supply. In case of a power cut, the LG Chem battery and Powerwall keeps working as if nothing happened.


There’s nothing to worry about here, both batteries offer a warranty of 10 years. However, in the rare case of a fault development in LG chem battery, 100% of the price will be covered by LG if the fault happens within 2 years of the installation. If the unit has been installed for 3 years and it develops a fault, only 72% of the price will be covered by LG.


Both of these batteries support floor-standing and wall-mounting. So, you can’t go wrong with any of these in this regard.


The Tesla Powerwall is completely weatherproof and is compatible with outdoor installations. You can confidently install it indoors or outdoors, depends on your preferences and needs.

LG Chem batteries, on the other hand, are IP55 weather rated. They can only be installed in semi-outdoor environments like a carport or verandah.

Which one is the winner?

Well, there’s no absolute winner when it comes to comparing these two batteries. Both of these batteries have their pros and cons. However, let’s put this straight for you.

Tesla Powerwall is AC couple battery system meaning it can be added or retrofit with existing Grid-tied solar energy system, and in the future, if your storage requirements increase, you can stack up to 10 of these batteries. It’s safe to say, Tesla Powerwall grows as your storage requirements grow.

On the other hand, if your residence is smaller and you need something which can fulfill your specific needs, LG Chem battery could be your ideal choice due to its huge variation of storage choices. LG chem is a DC couple battery, meaning it can only be installed with new Grid-tied Solar energy system and does provide much more efficient power conversion.

Need help?

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